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Takk (2023) - Edward Enman (Single) [Download]

[Digital Download: .WAV 96 kHz 24 bit]


Part XI. of Insights



11. Takk

"Takk" means "Thanks" in Icelandic (and several other languages). It is also the name of an album by Sigur Rós, the most influential group on my own musical life. This is probably the most pop-inspired track I've ever recorded, and is an ode of thanks not just to Sigur Rós directly, but to all of the musical influences I've taken in over my lifetime. I describe this as "structured improvisation" - the only notes I wrote down for this piece are 4 chords, which repeat throughout.

The rest of the variation and changes in dynamics and note orders are all what I was feeling the moment we captured this. That's really in the spirit of connecting personally with the music as a performer, and to play an idea which can change on any given day. Remaining the same, yet different.

This music is what goes through me at the piano when I'm sad, when I'm tired, when I'm delighted, when I'm struggling, ecstatic, energized, overwhelmed, confused, content. It's my core, and if you were to capture my music in a bottle, this is what might shine out

Takk (2023) - Edward Enman (Single) [Download]

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