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Run (2021) - Edward Enman (Solo cello) [Score]



for solo cello | 3 minutes


Written in one day (June 4th, 2021) for Kyle Pearl (Miami, FL, USA).

Premiered by Kyle Pearl on December, 5th, 2021.


Program Notes:


"The idea of writing a piece entirely in one day may appear like a stunt or a call for attention. For me, it was a personal challenge in creating a world around a single idea, and to make decisions quickly while trusting my musical instincts.


The result is “Run” which combines two passions central to my identity: composing & running. The energy throughout this piece is relentless and it plays with the wide range of timbre and tone quality possibilities on the cello."

Run (2021) - Edward Enman (Solo cello) [Score]

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