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Remember My Heart (2023) - Edward Enman (Single) [Download]

[Download: .WAV 96 kHz 24 bit]


2. Remember My Heart

While creating this track I was thinking a lot about all the people I have had in my life and how I carry with me so many memories and feelings of my time with them.

From teachers to old friends to one-time interactions and simple moments of connection. My heart was full at the time of writing this piece and there are so many people included in these few minutes of music.

How many people do we think of regularly who may have forgotten their time in our lives? And how many people think of us as being an important person who we may not think of ourselves?

We encounter thousands of people in our lives, and we carry so many of them in our memories and in our hearts. That's what this piece is about.

Remember My Heart (2023) - Edward Enman (Single) [Download]

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