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Relentless, Pt. 1 (2022) - Edward Enman (Single) [Download]


(2020) | for piano, four hands


Riding off of the energy of Breathe In, Breathe Out, this piece draws on a lot of the same emotions and state of mind. It is condensed to one piano here though.

Written in response to the relentless chain of events and worldwide challenges in 2020, this piece also reflects the relentlessness of many aspects of life which are challenging in “normal” times and were even more challenging in this upended time: The relentlessness of parenting, of struggles with mental health, of work anxiety, of societal and racial inequality, of uncertainty, of the climate crisis, among an endless list of others.

Less obvious at times, but more powerful is the presence of relentless love, humanity, thoughtfulness, kindness, and hope - these are also reflected in this piece.



The whole point of this piece was for it to be exploding with energy that just goes and goes. The long sweeping scales that go from top to bottom are passed from one pianist to the other, and it immediately creates a connection between pianists; we’re in this together for better or worse. The challenge recording this piece was to not go too fast.


We got wired in the studio and kept going faster and faster, but much of the excitement comes from feeling like it could let loose at any moment, but it doesn’t. I want the listener to feel breathless at the end of this short movement.

Relentless, Pt. 1 (2022) - Edward Enman (Single) [Download]

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