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Relentless (2020) - Edward Enman (Piano, 4-hands) [Score]



for piano, 4-hands | 7 minutes


Written in response to the relentless chain of events and worldwide

challenges in 2020, this piece also reflects the relentlessness of many

aspects of life which are challenging in “normal” times, and have been

even more challenging over the past few months:


The relentlessness of parenting, of struggles with mental health,

of work anxiety, of societal and racial inequality, of uncertainty,

of the climate crisis, among an endless list of others.


Less obvious at times, but more powerful is the presence of relentless

love, humanity, thoughtfulness, kindness, and hope - these are also

reflected in this piece.


This piece was written and intended to be performed in its entirety, but if

programming and time-constraints are limited, each of the 3 parts may be

performed separately.


(October 15th-November 7th 2020)

Relentless (2020) - Edward Enman (Piano, 4-hands) [Score]

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