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Imagined Shapes, V. Outside (2022) - Edward Enman (Single) [Download]


(2022) | for cello & piano


As a kid I had vivid dreams which were sometimes nothing more than changing shapes and abstract images. I have taken that as a sign of my active mind simply not stopping when I go to sleep. I’ve always found it hard to turn my mind off when falling asleep and I suffered from anxiety and insomnia a lot all the way through university. It’s since gotten more manageable, and I’ve found ways to deal with it: lowering stress and anxiety throughout the day, prioritizing, exercising (running), and eating well. Still, I occasionally have a wacky dream of moving shapes which reminds me of those early childhood dreams/nightmares.


Let’s go. I’m a runner, and I’m in a span of my life when I’m training for a marathon every year (2022: NYC). This track runs and comes from my personal need to escape, to get away from everything, and get out on the trail/track/road for hours at a time. Running has helped me immensely to deal with the pressures of being a performing artist, and this piece is me taking you for one of those runs, right to the last stomp.

Imagined Shapes, V. Outside (2022) - Edward Enman (Single) [Download]

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