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If I Stay Silent Will I Disappear? (2023) - Edward Enman (Single) [Download]

[Digital Download: 96 kHz 24 bit]


Part V. of Insights


5. If I Stay Silent Will I Disappear?

"If I Stay Silent Will I Disappear?" is a reflection on a sentiment which I've heard many musical colleagues and friends express. We're trained to go, go, go, and when we stop to rest, we feel like we are falling behind, or being left out.

The simple truth is that for most of us, rest and silence are integral parts of our creativity and sustainability as artists.

One unseen part of this song is that although this track is quite still and calm, it's a very active piece to play. Switching between playing keys in a very specific way to playing inside the piano and being balanced with pedals while standing presents a challenge to the performer to maintain the glassy, calm exterior.

It's a great representation of how I feel when I'm struggling sometimes - the outside seems at ease while the inside is working frantically.

If I Stay Silent Will I Disappear? (2023) - Edward Enman (Single) [Download]

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