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Blondin (2017, rev. 2024) - Edward Enman (SATB choir) [Score]

Jean François Gravelet (1824-1897), better known as Charles Blondin, was a French tightrope walker and acrobat whose tightrope walks across Niagara Falls made him particularly famous in North America.


This suspended piece for SATB choir evokes imagery of Blondin walking across a tightrope over roaring water, with wind and empty space all around. What's left is a spiritual experience of sorts, seemingly above the world itself.


*Choral pieces have a minimum order number of 12. Please purchase the number of copies you will be making for your ensemble. If you wish to preview a copy of the score, please contact the composer directly at

Blondin (2017, rev. 2024) - Edward Enman (SATB choir) [Score]

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