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2022 NYC Marathon, Pt. 6 (5 days out)

The Running Pianist is now back in full force with the upcoming New York City Marathon on November 6th!


Training for a marathon means months of running hundreds of miles. We all have favourite routes we run which are comfortable and familiar, but when the runs become longer, familiar routes can feel repetitive.

Running is a great way to explore a city. I'm always drawn to the water in any city, and if there is no water, I feel trapped. Thankfully, Montréal has a lot of water, whether it be river or canal or pond or lake.

Montréal, 2022

Years ago, I didn't run with anything - water, fuel, phone, watch. There was a certain freedom to it, but also a lot of unpredictability. I now run with a few things including my phone, just in case. A great thing about that though is that I can take photos, which until a couple of years ago I had never done. Before then, there is very little photo evidence of any running in my life. Now, there are many photos.

Lachine Canal, Montréal, 2022

I have explored trails & paths, hills & new neighbourhoods, racetracks & islands. It's fun to explore these places, and it's lovely to have photos to remember. I feel like I know Montréal better because of it.

Lachine Canal, Montréal, 2022
Lachine Canal, Montréal, 2022

Old Port, Montréal, 2022
Parc René Lévesque, Montréal, 2022
Circuit Gilles-Villeneuve (F1 track), Montréal, 2022

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