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2022 NYC Marathon, Pt. 2 (9 days out)

The Running Pianist has been on a break recently, but now we're back in full force with the upcoming New York City Marathon on November 6th!

I have run 3 marathons (Québec City 2010, 2015; Halifax 2021) and I feel the most prepared for this one coming up. That's a result of a long patient build, experience for what to do (and what not to do) and having the confidence throughout the whole process to go for it.

Old Port Montréal, 2022

This year, 2022, has been an incredibly busy year artistically and professionally as I have recorded and released my debut album, "Breathe In, Breathe Out", been on tour, participated in several performer-composer programs, and competed in competitions.

In the last month or two I have begun really soaking in the opportunities to rest. It's not only a treat, but a necessity to take a step back and find those things which recharge my energy and help me balance my health. Running has been one of these outlets, but when long-term marathon training sets in and becomes a lot of mileage and time, I end up needing a break from my break activity.

So, I started implementing the required rest in my marathon training this time around that I already do in my professional career. This meant another off-day every week, and not stressing about my training program as much as in the past. If I had to move a workout, I did. If I had to shorten a run, I did. If I felt worn out, I rested.

Lachine Bonneville 10k, 2022

The result is that at this moment a week before the race, I feel better than ever: healthy, strong, and ready to toe the line in New York City. Never underestimate the importance of rest. Maybe if I were a professional athlete, I would have a different outlook and push myself harder, but I am not, so I do not. Running is fun, rewarding, and something I do for my health. Rest is a big part of that.

Now that I'm in the taper period of my training, rest is an even bigger priority.

Fun is also a big priority. I generally run to be alone. I love training alone and having the time to reset and process all other parts of my life.

That being said, I do enjoy races and the comradery of being around other people chasing their goals, so I took in the newly organized (and amazing) Montreal Marathon weekend (half marathon), and the Lachine Bonneville 10k.

When I first cheered on my dad in the NYC Marathon in 2001, he talked of stopping to take pictures along the route and stopping to chat to supporters along the race (He also regretted accepting a beer being handed out outside a pub).

I found the stopping during the race very odd at the time because, I mean, it's a race! But I now understand where he was coming from - soaking in the experience as more than a race. It's important to know why we are doing things and to not lose track of those reasons. I will be sure to take photos, connect with supporters, cheer on other runners, and soak in this bucket list marathon as fully as I can.

My dad during the 2000 NYC Marathon

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