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2022 NYC Marathon, Pt. 1 (10 days out)

The Running Pianist has been on a break recently, but now we're back in full force with the upcoming New York City Marathon on November 6th!

New York City Marathon, 2001

As my training ramped up over the past few months, I was reminded again how many similarities there are, at least in my life, between training for a race and training for an artistic performance. I mean, a race is a performance for those at the very top, but for most of us, it's a big party.

Still, the preparations for each mirror themselves in certain ways. I want to dive into those a few in this lead-up to race day. It will also provide me an outlet, so my wife doesn't have to hear about any more about my race plan, or the weather, or my transportation, or runners' experiences, or blah-blah-blah.

The NYC Marathon has held a special draw for me since my first visits to the Big Apple to watch my dad run it in 2001 & 2002 (He also ran it in 2000 - the lucky duck!). I've been applying to the draw for years and finally got in this year.

NYC Marathon Fun Run 2001

Here's a dashing photo of the two of us running a 5k fun run race they have the Saturday before the marathon in '01.

That year was an emotionally charged year in NYC, and America, and the world, and I remember being overpowered by the emotion shown be everyone around that weekend - the runners, the spectators, the volunteers, the officials.

The experience of being around it all in what is now the biggest marathon in the world planted two big ideas in me somewhere which would take growth over the coming decades:

1. I want to run a marathon.

2. I want to run the New York City marathon.

So, this year I finally get to do it. My training has peaked, my taper has started, the flights & Broadway tickets are booked, and I'm a knot of nerves, waiting for the next 10 days until the morning I get to catch the ferry to Staten Island to run 26.2 miles (42.2 km).

I'll be sharing a little bit every day until then with more photos, memories, as well as thoughts I've had on the connections between an active lifestyle and the pursuit of artistic performance.

Old Port Montréal, 2022

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